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Pillars of Health

If you ask 10 different people what the pillars of health are, you will get 10 different answers. What are the pillars of health? You can see in the photo how the pillars are necessary for supporting the structure on top. Such are the pillars of health. If one of these pieces of health get out of balance or weakens for a sufficient amount of time, it can affect others just like dominos. There are many things that can be considered pillars of health but three of the most common are considered here.

Sleep is essential for health. In this article, it talks about how lack of sleep is associated with high blood pressure. I remember a case of dangerously high blood pressure that did not respond to any drugs. They discovered that the patient had sleep apnea that was the cause of the high blood pressure. Once the sleep apnea was treated, the blood pressure came down. But lack of sleep or too much sleep in any form can affect the functions of the body. Sleep is the time when the brain process the events of the day and cleans out the waste that built up.

Movement is another pillar of health. The saying goes if you don't use it, you lose it. This is especially true of movement. We are made to move! I know you have seen people in their older years bent over as if they are still in a chair even when standing. A lack of movement contributes to this condition. Movement keeps the the brain, muscles and bones healthy. Movement can be anything from walking to weight training to dancing around your living room. Movement also moves blood and lymph which moves waste and toxins out of the body and boosts immunity.

Nutrition is a pillar of health that is one of the most difficult. There is so much information about what food is healthy and food is not. The reason nutrition is important is that our cells are made of protein, fat and sugar. If the foods you eat the majority of the time don't have those nutrients in the forms the body can use, you are not getting the cell components you need to make new cells and repair damaged ones. You also need the vitamins and minerals found in a variety of fruits, vegetables and meats to assist in the many biochemical processes the happen at the cellular level. Including whole foods in your daily nutrition and drinking water with minerals, not water with sugar, is essential. You will not be able to out-exercise or out-supplement bad nutrition.

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