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Back about 2 months ago, I woke up having major pain in my left shoulder. Thinking I had just slept wrong, I didn’t do anything about it but when the pain was constant I decided to go see a chiropractor. He took x-rays of my neck and spine and said I needed chiropractic care for 12 weeks. He has done a few adjustments on my neck, I have had ultrasounds and sat in the massage chair & roller table. My shoulder has started to feel better, but then my muscles tightened up. That’s when I got booked... with you. You started on my back and was asking questions if hurt in certain position when stretching out my arm.  You listened and were very gentle. Then it was the magic touch when you pulled on my arm as you pressed just the right spot in my back shoulder blade area. It instantly released my muscles and the pain in my shoulder was gone. I was in total shock that the pain was gone. It brought me to tears because I had been in constant pain for the last 2 months and one touch from you changed that. I went back for another session and it was amazing once again! 

I cannot thank you enough for you caring, listening and your incredible hands. I would highly recommend to you to anyone.


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